4 Best Ways To Replace The Treadmill

Image by: Martin Cathrae
By Will Rand

The treadmill is one of the most monotonous machines that we use at the gym even with the muted TVs in front which frankly, defeats the entertainment purpose. I enjoy variability when it comes to strengthening and conditioning my heart. Here are some great ways to replace the good ole’ treadmill.

#1) Hike/Trail Running

Find some local running or hiking trails and put on your hiking shoes. You’ll need a stronger grip on the bottom of your shoes when you’re traversing different kinds of terrain, rock, dust, and grass. Hiking and outdoor running is one of the best ways to replace the treadmill.

I live right next to the cascades and find some of the most beautiful scenery and a little eye candy on the way; plenty of fit and good looking women on these trails. You’ll also breathe the fresh air and oxygen which is more beneficial to your heart and body than indoor gym air. Other places you can run outside are parks, beaches, botanical gardens, mountains, and tracks.

#2) Swimming

Swimming works out 95% of your body and is one of the more difficult treadmill replacements. It will take a shorter amount of time to feel the same affects of running the treadmill simply because you’re using more muscle groups, your upper, lower body, and midsection this time around.

If you live in a sunny region with perfect climate you can find an outdoor pool, a lake, or an ocean nearby to begin training. The indoor pool at the gym should be your last choice. There’s a reason why you see a lot of older individuals using the pool at the gym; swimming gives an astounding workout with the least impact on your joints than any other exercise. It’s like working out on the moon.

#3) Plyometrics/cardio circuit

Plyometrics or a good cardio circuit is a great way to get in some intense cardio training into your daily or weekly workout regimen. Jump rope, squat jumps, medicine ball pushups, medicine ball jumps, box jumps, and the agility latter are some exercises you can include.

There are circuits and plyometric programs that have already been developed and tested like p90x and Insanity which can be done at home, outdoors, or at the gym (if you remember the routine for the day). Plyometrics can be more advanced than your usual training, so ask someone that has pretty extensive knowledge like a personal trainer.

#4) Rowing

Join a rowing club during the summer. Some rowers are active year round in the cold weather as well. Rowing is a high energy, competitive, fitness and race oriented sport that develops rowing skills in adult beginners.

Most clubs don’t require any rowing experience. Rowing will shape you into an ultra durable, fast paced, rowing machine with lats of steel. Ever seen a rower? They’re skinny and lean because they burn thousands upon thousands of calories every session and practice session.