4 Best Ways To Fight Fatigue During The Day

Image by: Tony Bowden
By Will Rand

To continually perform your best whether you’re training at the gym or performing your mentalrobic exercises at work or school there are things you can do to improve and peak your energy everyday to win the battle against fatigue.

#1) Eat A Proper Breakfast

Most guys make the mistake of not eating a proper breakfast before they head off for the daily grind. The end result is an onset of lethargy, drowsiness and your body feeling like jello whether its at the beginning of the day or the end.

Eating simple carbs for breakfast harms not helps (sugary treats, bagels, baked goods, crackers). You want to avoid the short term energy spikes from them which cause fatigue states on the lower ends of the energy spikes. Experts in nutrition recommend protein, fruits and vegetables and some healthy whole grains.

Try hard boiled eggs, and a massive salad mixed with some fruits like apples and pineapples for breakfast. If you have a favorite protein shake, down it, and make sure its low on sugar.

Medium chain fatty acids are also a great source of sustained energy. The best source for medium chain fats is coconut oil or coconut milk. Fry those eggs up with some coconut oil instead of butter or olive oil.

#2) Constantly Hydrate

Your body is made of two-thirds water. Slight dehydration has been shown to cause bouts of sluggishness, and feelings of lethargy. Try Dr. Oz’s “Wakeup Water.” Make a pitcher each day that contains:

8 cups water (to stay hydrated)
3/4 cup cooked pearl barley (contains iron to fight fatigue)
2 lemons (for antioxidants and vitamin C)
1/4 cup honey (to make it sweet)

Instructions: Add barley to boiling water for 10 minutes. Remove barley from the water. Add the juice of 2 lemons and any amount of honey you desire. Try bringing a portable pitcher with you to work. You can save the cooked barley for dinnertime.

#3) Sleep

If fatigue hits you regardless if you’re eating right, drinking heaps of water then chances are you aren’t getting enough sleep, or your burned out from working ten hours and running your household. Its okay to take a nap if your body needs it either before or after work. Some people even nap during work!

#4) Get The Blood Flowing

Find various ways to increase blood flow and get your heart pumping whether its standing up from your office or school chair and running a lap around the cubicle or track. Do a jumping jack or two. Or look at one of Danjur’s hot model and celebrity galleries that will surely get your pupils dilating, your heart pounding, and blood flowing into the right places like your brain to jolt you awake during your bouts of drowsiness.