3 Ways To Increase Traffic For Older Blog Posts

Image by: epSos.de
By Tony Melino

Whether you are an avid blogger, understand SEO, and know how to boost traffic for your new blog posts; or if you are a hobby blogger and looking to bring more traffic to your site to boost your revenue. No matter what you case is – I want to help you.

Here are 3 tips to increase your traffic for older blog posts.

Tip #1

Repair Old Content. Nothing will increase your traffic more than to repair all of your old blog posts every single year. The internet is ever changing throughout the months and there are always ways of improving your content. Make sure to clean out your posts as well that isn’t relevant to this year.

Especially when it comes to creating revenue, tips for anything on the internet, or even fitness tips. There will always be something better than the past to write about. It will definitely increase your traffic to the older posts.

Once you repair each post, make sure to share it on social media sites. That includes: Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, StumbleUpon and even LinkedIn.

Tip #2

Links. Another amazing thing to do on top of cleaning up and refining your old posts is to link your old posts to your new posts. If you are talking about fitness tips and you already have an article on something fitness related, find a way to tie in a small paragraph that educates your readers on your past post.

If your readers see that you have links related to an article that they thoroughly enjoyed, they will be more likely to continue clicking on the links you provided (which is great for your blog/website)!

Tip #3

Headlines & SEO. The last thing you can do to boost traffic to your older posts is to change the titles to your articles. By doing this; you are hitting on current key words that people are searching for which, in turn, drives an increase to your traffic.

Maintaining your blog or website as a whole will not only make sure you are current, but remaining current will also boost the SEO for your site. Take care of your crops and watch it flourish.