Can New Philly Head Coach Chip Kelly’s Offense Succeed In The NFL?

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By Roger Barone

As you have probably heard, Chip Kelly is the new head coach for the Philadelphia Eagle’s. The question lies; can Kelly’s offense succeed in the NFL?

Kelly’s Attack

When it comes to how he’s going to run his team; he isn’t fully sure what the Eagle’s strengths are since he doesn’t know them well enough yet. When he was with Oregon, he talked about how their strength/emphasis was on “running the field and playing fast”. (quotes from

Before we get into more; what is the no-huddle attack? It’s also known as the hurry-up offense which simply means to avoid running down the clock in a huddle planning the next play. The QB already knows the play and told his team the whole run down of all 4 downs.

Will He Be Successful?

Chip Kelly has an amazing track record when it comes to his coaching career. When he was the offensive coordinator with The Wildcat’s, his offense averaged around 400 yards per game in seven of eight seasons! When he was the head coach for the University of Oregon, he won three consecutive titles from 2009-2011.

On top of all of that, he also became the first Pac-10 coach to win a conference championship in his first season outright! [According to Wikipedia]

Chip Kelly’s track record proves that he is a force to be reckoned with. Not only has he proven time and time again that he can lead a team to victory, he has also had amazing success while being an offensive coordinator.

The best part about Chip Kelly is that he is a man of his word. A season ticket holder wrote to him and truly upset because his team did terrible. They lost against Boise State 19-8. He personally wrote a travel check to the upset fan to cover his travel expenses ($439). The fan wrote back with thank you check.

So I’m going to go out on a limb, due to his track record, and say that it’s going to be a very successful season for Chip.

Michael Vick Contract Extension

In his 2012 season; Michael Vick had recorded over 10 interceptions and 12 touchdowns before going out for 6 weeks due to a head injury.

Michael Vick was offered another 1-year contract extension costing the Eagle’s around $10 million. In 2011; he signed a 6-year contract that was a $100 million but was replaced by this 1-year contract and he will become a free agent for the following season.


So with thousands of people talking about Kelly’s coaching styles and their support for how he’s going to run his team; I believe that it’s going to be a great season for the Eagle’s. It’s going to be exciting to watch them play and I believe, if done correctly, they can go straight to the Super Bowl.