2 Things You Need To Know About Orgasms [& How To Improve Them]

Image by: rightee
By Roger Barone

Male orgasms happen quite frequently; pretty much every time we have sex. We aren’t wired like women (thankfully) to where there will be a point when we won’t orgasm. It’s pretty much cut and dry (pun not intended) that we know we’ll orgasm during sexual activity.

We can be grinding on a girl at the club and with enough stimulation… accidentally leave our mark. Basically, there’s so much we already know about orgasms but I’ll also include ways to improve your orgasms. Let’s go through a few facts about the male orgasm.

1. Fights Against Prostate Cancer

The number one reason why orgasming [and ejaculating] is important for a man is because you may lose it if you don’t lose it. You heard that saying in high school because kids are rather immature but they had a point. Males that don’t orgasm or ejaculate at least 3-4 times per week have a higher risk of getting prostate cancer.

Don’t believe me? Check out our article that I wrote about the correlation between ejaculation and prostate cancer.

2. Release Chemicals

Another thing you’ve already experienced is that they release “feel-good” chemicals throughout your whole body that are strong enough to do a few major functions:

– Decrease Stress
– Relieve Pain
– Feel Insanely Happy
– Fight Cancer
– Boost Your Immune System

The list is endless but this is just a short brief list. The chemicals released in your body will instantly make you feel better, you’ll burn calories, and you’ll be ready to enjoy a deep/well rested slumber.

Now a man can still have an orgasm without ejaculating, but they tend to go hand in hand [if you’re single – I kid…].

There are numerous ways to improve your orgasms as well. Here are a couple activities you can do to enhance your orgasms.

Enhance Your Orgasms

1. Fantasize – The most efficient way to enhance your orgasms is to truly think about your partner as if you’ve just met her. You don’t know anything about her and fantasize about getting her from the bar to the bedroom. You can also take your partner and fantasize about being in an incredibly sexy scenario that will make your heart flutter and your third leg throb.

2. Hold Off – Another thing you can do to enhance your orgasms is to interrupt your sex part of the way through. There’s nothing worse for a woman than a man that just thrusts until he’s finished. Play with other parts of her body from time to time and stop before you feel like you’re about to ejaculate… it will intensify things that much more.

3. Pay Attention – The last way to enhance your orgasms is to pay attention to the feelings, gentlemen. Don’t just thrust away until she’s raw and squealing from pain. Slow down, enjoy the feeling, focus on the feeling, focus on how you’re making her feel, change it up a bit; but ultimately just pay attention to the feeling of euphoria you get during sexual activity.