These 10 Pictures Will Make You feel Uncomfortably Human

By Richard K. Noots

Not all these pictures will bring smiles, but they will move your heart. Even if only a little. The point is to remind you of those deep emotions we tend to tuck away during our day-to-day interactions with one another. Give yourself ten minutes today to absorb these powerful photos into your psyche and give reason to your existence!

Protest in Brazil about Police brutality.
Brazil protest

Just chillin’ with my tiger.
Casual tiger

Crossing the street, adorably.
Crossing the street

Just rescuing a baby, nothing to see here.
just some baby rescue

This man was liberated from a Rwandan Death Camp.
liberation from a Rwandan Death Camp

Life in Afghanistan.
Life in Afghanistan

Life in Nepal.
Life in Nepal

This used to be OK.
This used to be ok

War, war never changes.
War is hell.

So we protest it.
War protest

Did that change your day? I hope so!