You’ll Love This Sweet Ocean Hack, If You Can Hold Your Breath

By Jack Day

In case you have never heard of free diving, it is the equivalent of sky diving without a parachute. The only difference is you have a slightly better chance of living. As long as you’re experienced, and you can hold your breath for 10 minutes, you too can swim down to the ocean floor and let the current carry you away. It would be pretty awesome to experience this weightlessness like our professional free diver Guillaume Néry here. For Guillaume, the ocean is his passion and life.  He seems quite at home and very purposely contorts and maneuvers during his ride for our viewing pleasure. His wife and camera person, Julie Gautier (also a free diver), and he decided that they had to make this short film to document the surreal quality of what they do. Well they did a perfect job of that, and also exposed a lot of people to their insane profession and love. Great job you too!

Was this not one of the coolest videos you have seen in a while? I was quite impressed myself. I think the most I can hold my breath is for a minute, maybe minute and a half. And that is just in three feet of water with solid ground under me. This, mind blowing. Tell us about any awesome professions or hobbies that you are involved in, we love to hear that kind of thing!