This Police Officer Buys a Shoplifters Stolen Merchandise For Him, Then Lets Him Go

By Jack Day

If I ever meet Officer Justin Roby I will have to buy the man a beer. Instead of arresting a man recently who was accused of stealing baby formula he let him go, but not before he bought the formula for him. Needless to say the man was speechless and the grocery store where he was caught also decided not to press charges. When asked why he did it, Roby said it would not have solved the initial problem of that baby needing to eat.  “We’re not robots, there’s a human being behind this badge.”  I am beyond impressed, moved is more like it. Maybe instead of a beer I’ll make it a steak dinner and bottle of expensive liquor instead.

For all the bad rep status surrounding police it is pretty cool to hear about one doing something nice for a person. Which, I am sure happens all the time anyways, but is just never reported on. What did you think of the story? I for one wish more of these types of stories would get attention, for the sake of humanity in general. Anytime someone performs an act of compassion it should be noticed! Tell us about any random acts of kindness you have been involved in!