You May Not be a Super Hero, but Now You Can Dress Like One Before Bed

By Richard K. Noots

Secretly, we all dream of being a super hero. I mean, none of them really have to worry about the daily grind of paying bills and wondering if they should stop using the 1040-EZ tax form. Although genetic manipulation still hasn’t given us super powers (hurry up, Science!), we at least have the next best option. Sleeping bags! They also conveniently double as comfortable future Halloween costume. Not convinced? Just look below!

OK, this one looks a bit like Candy Corn, but he looks happy.

Candy Corn

Now we’re getting somewhere


It does come with permission to scream about smashing things.


Personally, this one is my favorite.


What’s your favorite costume?


  1. Darren_Z says:

    I want the Captain America suit! This is a really cool idea and I love the fact that it’s also a sleeping bag. I think Santa is bringing me Captain America: Winter Soldier this Christmas and it would be awesome to watch it while lounging in a comfy Captain America sleeping bag.

  2. Torrance says:

    That Spiderman one is very cool and I could see myself wearing that as a future Halloween costume. I mean, what could be better than keeping warm and looking good while you do it? I just wonder how warm these sleeping bag suits actually are though?

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