You Have Never Seen a Video About the Moon Landing Quite Like This One

By Jack Day

As you may know from some previous posts I am a huge fan of anything having to do with space and astronomy. Ever since I was a little kid I can remember being in complete awe of the night sky and the mighty secrets that it possesses.  That’s why when I come across something cool about space I must share it with you!

I think you will be quite entertained by this clip that Vimeo user strung together using the more than 1,800 photos NASA released in an online database called Project Apollo Archive.

The photos are all from the first manned lunar mission and it was by a chance viewing that spurred the creation of this video.  As harrsonicus puts it, “I was looking through the Project Apollo Archive ( and at one point, I began clicking through a series of pics quickly and it looked like stop motion animation. So, I decided to see what that would look like without me having to click through it. Enjoy!”

Enjoy indeed, and maybe it will inspire some creative juices in you to make your own cool stop motion story!

So, was it as cool as I hyped it up to be?  I just can’t resist a good space post!  Tell us your thoughts and share this cool video with your family and friends!