This 20-Year-Old Man Was Living On the Street, Until the Kindness Of a Stranger Changed Everything

By Jack Day

This is a before and after photo of 20-year-old Shylow Murphy, who less than a week ago was homeless on the streets of Norwich, England. The transformation took place thanks to the kindness of a stranger who happened to be passing by him one day last week. That stranger was Abbi Claxton, a 25-year-old web analyst who said that she felt compelled to help the young man because he could be, “anyone’s son, or brother or friend.”

So after seeing him in the same spot for a few weeks she finally decided to do something one day. First it started with some fresh clothes and food. Claxton describes their first meeting:

“We went to get a coffee and I said: ‘What do you want’? He said he wanted to help homeless people, but just wanted a job and a place that he could go home to that was warm, and to get himself back on his feet. I said: ‘Right, let’s get on then.’”

She then worked a little social media magic and quickly put out a call for help and donations. The internet once again answered the call of duty. Collecting just over $1200 in five days and a free make-over from a local salon, Shylow was on his way to a new life.
The good news did not stop there, however. Norwich City goalkeeper John Ruddy’s wife Laura happened to hear about Murphy’s story and quickly reached out to Claxton to extend a job offer to her new friend. After Murphy made the call for an interview – he got hired! He’ll now spend his days working for a charity to help raise funds for people just like himself.
He says of his experience, ““I’m just so happy now. I’ve broken out of my shell again. I’m out here again and can be myself, and don’t have to carry 35kg on my back every day and feel rubbish.”

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