Workouts Can Help With Anger Management

Image by: Ryan Hyde
By Kurt Garrity

Feel angry all the time? Are you snapping at coworkers and regretting it later? Have you ever smashed a golf club into windshield over something as stupid as a stolen parking space? Are you getting angry reading this?

OK, that second to last one is actually a crime, so please get some professional help if this is a running theme in your life. Please.

But for everyone else not out committing felonies and scaring the bejeezus out of fellow club members, there may be hope, and it is located just around the corner.

No, not the heroin dealer, although that would probably do the trick. hard to be angry when you are lying in a lifeless pile on the couch. But heroin really isn’t really on the menu, now is it? It would open up a whole new set of problems for you. Horribly dark unhealthy problems. Do not ride the dragon.

You want an option that doesn’t include track marks and a lifetime of regret.

I’m talking about the gym (although if you get stuck with one of those bad gym memberships, a lifetime of regret can still be yours). That’s right, angry bird, if you have a tendency to rage flap your wings as an initial response of in many a situation, then working out just may be the answer for you.

And it is not just some conventional wisdom speak, this widely held theory is now backed up by a study. A clinical trial conducted at the University of Georgia showed that men who worked out were generally better able to handle their anger.

Basically, taking the finger off that hair trigger prevalent in so many men and Charlie Sheen.

Physiologist Nathaniel Thom, the lead researcher in the study, told The New York Times that, “It’s like taking aspirin to combat heart disease. … You reduce your risk.”

And for some, that’s all they need as anger comes so quickly that it doesn’t allow time for a cooler head to prevail. So, if you suffer from anger management and don’t currently work out, guess who should be shopping for new workout clothes?