Want to Live Mortgage Free? Live Like the Morrisons!

By Richard K. Noots

Andrew and Gabriella Morrison have spent too many years in the endless debt system that is surviving in the United States. Fed up with paying into things that can be taken away for no reason, they decided to construct their own house. 22,000 dollars later, Andrew and Gabriella couldn’t be happier. Take a look at their house below, and then give their website a look to get any info you need, especially if you want to duplicate their trick!

22,000 is all it costed!
22,000 to make

207 square feet.
207 sq ft

Closet space.

Plenty of room for eatin’!

Hi-tech plumbing. I’m not sure what it does though.
Indoor plumbing!

Ze beautiful KitchUn!

Did I mention no rent or property tax?
Mortgage free

More space than you’d think, that’s for sure.
Plenty of space

As long as there’s room for you-know-what.

That’s a queen-sized bed by the way.
That's a queen

So who has it right? People who live within their means or people with giant, unnecessary houses? You decide!