Want an RV? Be Like Lovelace and Make Your Own

By Richard K. Noots

Surfer Richard Lovelace decided he wanted an RV to go traveling and seeing the local sights. Instead of shelling out thousands of dollars on something that was kind of what he wanted, he worked his ass off, spent less, and got way more of a reward. Check out his work that he did (with a lot of help from his friends and girlfriend) to make his dream come true! Jealous? Don’t be! You can do it too!

Adding on to the creature.
Adding to it

And there are those helpful friends.
And with a little help..

Painting the floor!
Custom floor paint

Cut it open!
Cut it open

Looking better.
Looking better

Rest easy, buddy.
Rest easy buddy

Still resting.
Still resting

Check it out.
Check it out


What kind of travel plans are you making?