Cold Wars, Nukes, slides and you. How to Survive your Nuclear Fallout

By Richard K. Noots

In 1995 there was a vestige of the Cold War discovered deep in Taiwan. It was a safety tunnel designed to quickly net people out of harm’s way in case of any nuclear attack. Fortunately, this thing never got any serious use. Now, play is a different story. Take a look at this video and the pictures below, could you imagine relying on a slide to bring you to safety? I guess it’s better than nothing …

You know you wanna …
taiwan 1995


Ready … Steady … Slide!


  1. DaveM says:

    That slide looks really fun. I know it wouldn’t be if I were actually relying on it to save myself from a nuclear weapon because I’d be all stressed out, but in my current comfort and safety, I just want to ride it for kicks.

  2. BlakeDrake says:

    That’s pretty much what I was thinking. I do think it’s cool that they made something like this to get people to safety and I wish my local area had one.

  3. Leith38 says:

    This slide does look like a lot of fun. Of course, I can’t imagine a ton of people sliding down this all at the same time during a nuclear attack. I think that could get out of control with all the people panicking. I really like how the slide is concealed behind the fake wall, you would never know that slide was even there.

  4. Lizy23 says:

    This is well constructed, although it is hard to imagine having to actually need one of these underground installations, although I guess you never know.

  5. Reinsertioninthematrix says:

    It does look like fun, but I agree with you, I wonder how well it would work when people were all freaked out and crowding on it? As a recreational thing sure, but I wonder about how well it would work in emergencies…

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