Trust Me When I Say, This Art is Beeautiful!

By Richard K. Noots

Many scientists are trying to figure out what has been happening to bees lately. It’s called Colony Collapse Disorder, and it seems that many bees just disappear or die off in entire waves for (what seems to be) a myriad of reasons. In the mean time, people have taken to helping the bees where they can, and ensuring we still have our precious honey. That’s not all though … One man has turned into an art style!

Ren Ri is the man’s name.
Pearl Lam Galleries - Ren Ri @ Soho

Bees are his game!

He usually sets up something for them to work on …
Pearl Lam Galleries - Ren Ri @ Soho

And then he gives all creative control to the bees.
map of china

Serves a purpose, and looks cool!
Pearl Lam Galleries - Ren Ri @ Soho

Each bee rules a continent!
world map