These Cops Are Trying To Show Not All Law Enforcement is Bad

By Richard K. Noots

As always, we tend to look at those in law enforcement in a negative light at certain times. It can be hard to remember that cops aren’t an autonomous machine, they’re people. One does not represent the other. It’s nice to see these cops having a good time, while still enforcing certain laws. Mostly though, they just help the populace. Who knew that’s what serve meant?

Fixin’ tires.
fixin tires

Future enforcers!
future enforcers

Gettin’ it done!
gettin it done

While not letting things get too serious.
not letting things get too serious

Oui Oui.
oui oui

The place is Reykjavik.

United States, take note!
They enjoy some fine art

Cops can be decent!
yaw, did they stop being fun cops
Though I don’t agree with consensual crime laws, this photo is nice.