This Smart Technology Helps You Save Or Donate Money For the Electricity You Didn’t Use

By Anne Cacherell

Ohmconnect is a software that pays people whenever they reduce their carbon footprint or power consumption. You can earn from $50-$150 per year and you can collect your money through Paypal or just opt to donate it directly to your favorite charity.

The procedure is easy. All you have to do is sign up and authorize Ohmconnect to access your home’s smart meter and any equipment that is connected to the internet. It is free and it does not require you to buy or install any gadget or accessories. It also comes with great features such as analyzing your home’s energy, showing you where your energy comes from, tracking your performance including how much earnings you have, and lastly, connecting your smart devices to automatically reduce energy consumption.

At this point, the service is only available in California. However, co-founder Curtis Tongue said that they will soon expand to other states like Texas.

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