This Syrian Refugee Keeps Humanity Alive By Giving Back Any Way He Can

By Jack Day

Kareem is a Syrian refugee living in one of hundreds if not thousands of refugee camps all along the bordering countries. Basic needs are extremely hard to come by and non-profits are limited in their support efforts. “The only thing you can do is eat and sleep…or eat and walk,” remarks Kareem when discussing daily life. In order to restore any shred of humanity among his fellow survivors, Kareem has taken to crafting home essentials and toys for children out of anything he can find. Watch his story and you will learn a thing or two about that old saying, Make the best of what you have.” His endurance and will to carry on is truly touching.

What do you think about the story of Kareem the toy crafter? It’s really an unbelievable situation all those people are living in. The strength to survive, however, remains alive in stories like this one. Please share your comments and stories below!