Think Parties are Fun? Here Are 6 Types of People to Watch Out For

By Kenny G. Thompson

Look, not everyone can be the life of the party. Sometimes you just gotta sit back and enjoy the scene. Inevitably though, once a party has started, one of these six people may show up. They could be people you know and rely on. Now, They are merely the … PARTY DESTROYERS. OK, slight exaggeration …

The Guy Who Shows Up Way to Early
Gettin' here before the party!
It’s Awkward for everyone, buddy.

Followed by the Guy Who is Way Too Late …
Thanks …

Then There’s The One Constantly Lost
Constantly lost
Whether it’s getting to the party or knowing what to do and how to interact once there, this person is always clueless.

The Guy Who Brings a Few Extra Friends
I brought a few Friends
“No! I Said it was a kick-back, Joe! Put them back and take them home!”

The one who is perpetually “on his way.”
On my way!

The Overanxious Host

Makes you wonder why we party at all, doesn’t it?