Feel Like Swimming For Your Life? Visit Australia!

By Richard K. Noots

Darwin City, Australia has an interesting tourist attraction at a place called Crocosaurus Cove. While most people would simply be content to just sit idly by and watch crocodiles swim by from hundreds of feet away, this place will let you be close enough to count their teeth. Sure, You’re in a big protective case that separates you from the hundred million year old predator, but tell me … Would You go in there?

Certainly looks beautiful.

Look, they’re feeding them!

Even having fun doing it!

Oh … Maybe now they’re feeding them.
swim with large crocs

Cooper the Crocodile is 86 Years Young
swim with the crocs

Look out!

Give it a shot!
Wanna try

Close up.

What do you think? Tempting fate too much?