This Is the Stuff You Just Need to Embrace Before You Can Understand What True Happiness Really Is

Image by: AdinaVoicu
By Alvin Martin

When I was young, I got a scholarship from an exclusive school. Being identified as poor among my rich classmates was kind of painful. Please don’t take me the wrong way. It’s not that I was embarrassed about where I came from. It’s just that there were many instances when I couldn’t help but to compare myself to the other privileged students.

While they were all walking with their heads up high and sporting their expensive things, I had to keep a very low profile because I didn’t want them to notice my old shoes and loose socks.

I struggled every day for 4 years on that elite campus, trying so hard not to get distracted and be bothered by that “painful” feeling. Fortunately, all my hard work paid off when I graduated with honors.

My experiences at that school taught me a great lesson – that there is no specific formula to success and happiness. It is all simply a frame of mind. And to help you set your mind on the right track, here are some things that you need to work on.

There Are People Whose Life Are Better Than Yours

I guess all I am trying to say is that there’s no sense comparing yourself to others. All it does it make you feel bad and lose focus on what’s truly important. Instead of wasting your time making a mental list of the things that you don’t have, it’s best to just count all the things, big and small, that are good in your life.

You may not have a big house or a new car but that doesn’t mean that you can’t be amazing.

In the piece “A 24-Hour Step-by-Step Guide To Building Muscle, Living Lean and Having More Energy,” writer Eric Weinbrenner provides a complete breakdown of what you should do every day to feel awesome.

There Are Things in Life That You Cannot Control

There are certain things in life that you cannot change. For instance, you can’t go back in time and undo the past, you can’t choose your biological family and you can’t make all people like you. However, though it’s not within your human power to control all these aspects, you have the choice to accept what you can’t change and choose what and who you keep in your life.

My best friend James has been in so many failed relationships. He is very choosy and there’s nothing really wrong with that. But what I think is creating the problem in his life is him giving up so easily on people. If there is something that he doesn’t like about his partner, he tries to change them. And if they don’t, he just cuts them right out of his life.

What James doesn’t understand is that – trying to make major changes to your partner is not part of a healthy relationship.

You cannot command your significant other to behave exactly how you want them to be, you can’t give them instructions on how to relate to their families, you can’t order them to pursue the same hobbies you have and it’s unfair to tell them to change their religion just because you don’t have the same beliefs.

Sometimes, it is what it is. You can’t expect change. If you want people to stay in your life, you just have to accept and love them for who they are.

You Can’t Please Everyone

Trying to please everyone is like filling a toilet bowl with water to the rim. It is just plain stupid, useless, and a total waste of time. Not to mention things will get very messy in a hurry. So, stop trying so hard to fit in and just do what you think is right for you and what makes you happy.

Also, it would be helpful to learn some coping skills like “How to Deal with Criticism In 25 Simple Ways.”

Learning to accept your flaws, evaluate the situation instead of lashing back with anger and bitterness and respond with honesty and grace as you allow yourself to explore your abilities and make you a stronger person.

Unexpected Things Happen Everyday

Hey man, life doesn’t always go your way. Sometimes, some roads may be unavailable so you might need to take a different route to reach your destination.

Or you can come up with some flexible plans so that you’ll have the power to continue no matter what life throws at you.

According to writer Lakshanika Lammeera, you can try to roll with life’s punches by applying these 4 practices that ensure your financial stability excellence despite a terrible economy in the future.

Guys, I can only provide you actionable information, but at the end of the day, it’s on YOU to accomplish your goals and make things work.