These Young Men Are Restoring Dignity to Homeless Veterans As They Are Laid to Rest

By Jack Day

You may have heard about the Patriot Riders, a national organization of motorcycle enthusiasts, as well as other patriots, who attend the funerals of veterans. Some of the most important funerals for them to be present at are the veterans who died homeless with no family to bury them.

Recently in Holly Township, Michigan there was a funeral for three homeless vets and the Patriots came, but so did six teenage boys from the University of Detroit Jesuit High School. They were there to not only pay their respects, but to carry the coffins of the former soldiers to their final resting places as well.

They created their pallbearer program as part of bigger lesson on, “serving God, and fostering men for others.” By volunteering for such a task the young men are learning the importance of, “being there for someone, when they pass on the next world.”

Watch the video to see the details about why these teens are showing us all how to posthumously restore the dignity of those who gave so much.

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