These Photos Will Help Restore All Lost Faith in Humanity, Trust Me!

By Richard K. Noots

Life can get us down sometimes. Especially when we encounter terrible people. We may forget why we even need social relationships, or maybe even forgo human interaction altogether. Luckily, there are still plenty of people who make this world incredibly awesome! And yes, these people will make you realize that the world definitely has a surplus of amazing people.

Marathon Runner Sacrifices First Place
help marathon runners

Window Washing Superheroes for a Children’s Hospital
hospital window washers

No one showed up to this Autistic child’s Birthday party …
no friends for the autistic

Except the Fire Dept, Police and some other helpful citizens!
no friends for the autistic 2

Norwegians Rescue a Drowning Lamb
rescue drowning lamb

Helping a sick dog feel better by swimming.
sick dg swim

A cop helped this man through suicide, and the man rewarded the cop later.
suicide fixed

Cuts hair for the homeless every Sunday.
the hair cut man