These Crazy Uniforms Are Actually Military Garb From Around the World!

By Richard K. Noots

Military around the world tend to be deeply rooted in tradition. Unfortunately, this means fashion can take a bit of a back burner compared to what society actually wears. However, these men and women do not care. They take pride in their look, and what their job stands for. Which is really the most important part. In order to be comfortable with life, you must be proud of the job you are made responsible for. These people recognize that the history they personify is more important than anything.

Green parade dress.
green parade dress

Fan hats are popular in India.
india copies pakistan

While North Korea prefers their women to look stunning.
north korea

Is Pakistan ripping off India?
pakistan hat

Ze Swiss Guard!
swiss guard

These guys are all required to be twenty-year vets, however.
These guys must be twenty year vets

Which means they must love this job.