See What Happiness Means In the Eyes of Different People Around the Globe

By Anne Cacherell

The International Day of Happiness was initiated by the United Nation’s General Assembly on June 2012. Celebrated every 20th of March, the mission of this event is to educate and increase public awareness of the benefits of happiness.

People around the world have different definitions of what makes them happy. For the many, it remains elusive no matter how much they wanted it. The question why sadness seems to follow a lot of people everywhere is still left unanswered. If happiness depends on material wealth, then why do financially fortunate people still feel sadness? If happiness is about getting what you want, how come we still yearn for something more? If happiness is a place, how come nobody can provide us a map?

It is because happiness is something bigger than our basic needs. It is not a result but a cause. It is enjoying what you do and realizing that it is not about a life without difficulties. Instead, it is appreciating the entire journey, no matter how challenging or puzzling it could be. It is the principle behind the life we lead. Most importantly, happiness is a state of mind. It is something you can create on your own and perceive in everything that surrounds you if you set your heart to it.

Happiness seems to be the most wanted yet the most elusive of all human desires. Do you think it is possible to be completely happy in this world?