Surprising Health Benefits Of Chlorophyll

Image by: saturn ♄
By Kurt Garrity

Chlorophyll is easily the most recognizable molecule among the plant family. Best agent in the biology business. It was practically the first thing they taught us in science class, right? We learned it was chlorophyll something something photo synthesis something something green pigment in plants.

But beyond that, who can remember that far back, anyway?

True, the chlorophyll molecule is what gives plants its green color, but it also has some amazing properties that work wonders for the human body. The green veggies that we eat are loaded with chlorophyll, which plays a big part in why they are so good for us.

But you don’t have to eat spinach to get the effects of chlorophyll (although that is always a great idea). You can also drink liquid chlorophyll as a supplement, or get it in one of the other available forms such as powders, capsules, etc.. I prefer fresh squeezed, myself.

Once you go green …

Results May Vary

Some swear by it, others say they don’t feel a thing. Either way, you should tap into one of nature’s little helpers – give the green goop a try. Try mixing up your own chlorophyll cocktail in the morning or mid-afternoon and you should feel some extra pep.

Didn’t feel like drinking a Red Bull? Don’t worry, it is still doing good things for your body. After all, there are other benefits to ingesting liquid chlorophyll besides being just a quick energy boost:

  • Chlorophyll kills bad bacteria
  • Chlorophyll has healing properties at the cellular level
  • Chlorophyll also helps the liver by lessening the amount of work it has to do when dealing with certain things we eat
  • Chlorophyll removes mercury from your system (looking at you Jeremy Piven)
  • Chlorophyll helps with bad breath
  • Chlorophyll may be the solution for your digestive “situation”
  • Chlorophyll helps rebuild our red blood cells

RECOMMENDED DOSAGE: 75-100 mg three times a day. It is also recommended that you consult a physician before embarking on any new health journey.