Spend Less Time Watching the Waves Of Success & Ride Them Yourself

Image by: Ian D. Keating
By Mike Venture

All right guys, today’s daily dose of smarts is all about putting yourself out there and getting what you want.

I’ve brought along a few friends to help motivate you along the way, so I hope you don’t mind.

  • Find out What the Smartest Startups Are Getting Right in Marketing their company
  • Then see why your business needs SEO and what 7 traits will make you great at it
  • And check out What’s Next For E Commerce in 2016
  • Learn 9 Psychological Tricks To Influence People and Get What You Want
  • Which might help with the 15 Best Pickup Lines for Guys (That Actually Work!)
  • Finally, read the 9 Theories About Reality That Will Blow Your Mind
This is internationally published British lingerie model Demi Rose. She’s into Marketing, SEO, and everything E Commerce!


I’m totally not making that up as you can tell by Miss Rose’s website, Instagram , and other social media accounts. She knows how important it is to brand herself and connect with her audience.

As should you my friend. You can start by finding out What the Smartest Startups Are Getting Right in Marketing. Some of the points writer Carolina Rogoll hits on are:

  1. User obsession
  2. Recognizing the power of data
  3. A culture of feedback
  4. Communicate with authenticity
  5. Have a purpose

Then check out the piece, Local Small Business SEO: Why Your Business Needs It to see just how valuable adding SEO to your small business is to your success.

If you need a little guidance then as great supplements you can read 7 Traits That Will Make You A Great SEO to learn what SEO business owner Will Scott has to say. As well as Kissmetrics’ The Ultimate Guide to Startup Marketing.

As far as being prepared with your plan of blowing up the internet and social-sphere, it will also help if you know a little bit about what is trending and what is changing.

Writer Brian Hughes shares his thoughts on the subject in his piece, What’s Next for Ecommerce in 2016?

“This year will be a defining one for ecommerce, in terms of mobile domination. Sources predict that 2016 will mark the consolidation of the mobile era, with half of all consumers using their mobile devices to make transactions.”

So what are some of the biggest trends and changes? Hughes lists his top 3

  • Mobile dominance is permanent
  • Videos are key for descriptive product sharing
  • Concerns over content saturation persist

With the promise that new advancements like, “Li-Fi’ Will Make Your Internet 100 Times Faster” I would say that this is going to be a pretty exciting year in marketing.

That makes Ms. Rose very happy.

Arianny Celeste is here to help you learn the Jedi mind tricks you need to succeed

OK, so they are not really tricks fellas. I’m not going try and turn you into a hypnotist or used car salesman here.

They’re more like, “techniques to handle situations and influence others,” positively as writer Kara Kamenec explains in her article 9 Psychological Tricks To Influence People and Get What You Want.

“When we talk of influencing people, it often comes with a negative association. That negativity is vastly misplaced. Influence is surely power, but it’s how you use it that determines if it’s for good or for manipulative purposes.”

Some of the highlights include:

  • How to Instantly Tell If Anyone’s Story Is True
  • Get Anyone To Understand Anything
  • Get Anyone To Take Your Advice
  • Get Anyone To Find You Insanely Attractive

That last one is something I know any man would like to know about. So if you need some help when it comes to talking to the ladies, Kamenec also has some suggestions for that.

In her article 15 Best Pickup Lines for Guys (That Actually Work!) she assures men that, “Girls say they hate pickup lines, but privately most girls love them.

Kamanec asserts that,

“When you explore the science behind pickup lines, you learn that they are basically seen as an advertisement to women to showcase who you are. Therefore, they produce the best results when they are catered to individual women.”

I’ll let you do your own exploring of the list and see if anything sounds worth trying.

Anna Nystrom is ready to blow your mind


Lets’ face it guys, she could blow up your house Wily E. Coyote style and you would think it was adorable.

OK, so that would never happen in reality, but really, what is reality?

If you have ever had your questions, I urge you to get your daily dose of mind expansion and read 9 Theories About Reality That Will Blow Your Mind.

Writer Jeff Wilson takes you on a journey through time and lays out some fairly excellent ways people have come to perceive existence. It might just help you to see yourself and life in a whole new way.