See Opportunity In Everything & Learn to Be a Better Man By Conquering Your Problems

Image by: Unsplash
By Dave Andrews

My cousin Nick is 45 years old and has been married for 12 years. He and his wife have been trying to have a baby, but with no luck.

They’ve consulted several doctors and all of them said that they were both fine and in excellent health condition.

Nick has built a successful life. He bought a home, a car, and started up his own business too, thinking that his kids would inherit everything he worked so hard to build.

Sometimes, pain, failures, and problems have a way of turning us into someone we didn’t want to be.

After years and years of trying, I think he got tired of hoping. I felt like he was getting sadder every day. Being one of his closest cousins, I decided to talk to him.

He told me that he didn’t want to grow old without having the chance of becoming a father. He desperately wanted to have his own family and he felt like everything he has seems useless without a child to give it to.

In life, we can choose to let negative circumstances paralyze us or we can decide to take control of our lives and keep moving forward.

In the piece “Why You Should Work Out After a Breakup,” Matt Shumate encourages us to have a rebound relationship with the gym.

Routine exercises can keep us on a positive track and help us redirect our focus to achieving positive outcomes. Working out can turn our aggravations into strength and confidence.

Stay in the moment and focus on the now.

A few weeks after we talked, he and his wife packed up their belongings, left their business under my care and flew away to Europe for a month-long vacation.

I was so happy for them. Amidst the chaos that they were experiencing in their marriage, the two of them remained strong. They were able to quell their frustrations and turn the experience into something fruitful.  They were determined to be happy and they didn’t let the intimacy in their relationship die.

We have the power to channel our energy, ignite movement and keep working so as not to be trapped in our miseries.

Remember that every failure provides an opportunity to grow and every mistake gives us a chance to learn.

My online business didn’t do well last year. It’s not that I wasn’t bothered by it, but I didn’t want it to affect my entire life. Also, the industry was new to me and for all we know, beginnings are never smooth.

Instead of dwelling on “I should have,” choose to move forward and focus on “I will.”

Toby Nwazor’s piece gave me a good idea on how I can do better this year.

It tackles 4 things that every startup owner should invest in to yield remarkable ROI and bring your business higher than you ever imagined.

“The Rule of 200” or reaching out to 200 people per month, 10 people every working day caught my attention. I believe it’ll make my job simpler and more measurable.

There are always options to make things easier.

Shift your perspective and find ways to improve your situation.

Our actions and behavior define us and the good news is that we can control them.

So, whenever you feel overwhelmed by the obstacles you’re facing, take a moment, step back, examine the situation and see what you can do about it.

Collective Evolution has a very interesting article about Dopamine, a neurotransmitter that helps control the brain’s rewards and pleasure centers.

In simpler terms, dopamine is responsible for sending signals to our body to make it move. If we have it in the right balance, it can make us feel good. However, if our brain doesn’t make enough of it, we can get really sick.

Check this out – “8 Great Ways You Can Increase Dopamine Levels in the Brain Without Pharmaceutical Drugs.”

I do #7 and #8 twice a day for 15 minutes and it helps me increase my presence and awareness. I can also confirm that it is very effective in helping to stop overthinking.

When something is holding you back, elevate your game and be smarter.

Decide to empower yourself and be your best. Take your life to the next level and think that no problem is more powerful than your decision.

And while you’re toughing up amidst all the negative energies around you, here’s a technical innovation in menswear that can make you look good, fresh and smarter.

Ministry of Supply, a Massachusetts-based brand company, is revolutionizing men’s wardrobes by making it more comfortable and more efficient. It has some surprising futuristic designs that might change the way we see clothes such as a built-in thermal battery, odor absorption, heat absorption and temperature regulating abilities.

Pain is inevitable and suffering is optional.

So, choose to always be in control of the situation and don’t freak out when chaos plays out in your life. Fight it by practicing gratitude, acknowledging the things that you have and thinking that you are bigger than your problems.