Scents & Sensibility: 5 Great Colognes For Work

Image by: Versace
By Phillip K. Issa

Is that cologne you’re wearing NSFW? Yes, it smells great, but wow, does it take over an enclosed space. You know, like the place where you work. And now your co-workers are playing find-the-small so they can hunt it down and kill it.

They’ve established a base camp, formed search parties and gathered supplies. Do you like being hunted?

Look, Romeo, just because that bottle of Woman Catcher Xtreme may work wonders down at the club, the same rules don’t apply 9-5. Your target audience isn’t standing in stilettos next to a 15-inch subwoofer.

Take it down a few notches, sir. You don’t need to broadcast via satellite. Think more along the lines of a Bluetooth-type range. Your scent should not get to work five minutes before you do.

You can do better! It time to shut down that punch to the sinuses and get into the groove with a manly scent that doesn’t take over the entire office every time you leave your desk.

1 – Versace Pour Homme (pictured above)

This safe-for-work cologne has a great smell and gets plenty of compliments, according to regular wearers. Pour Homme features top notes of citrus and bergamot, with base notes that include amber and musk.

Image by: Hermes

2 – Terre D’Hermes

This wonderful blend from Hermes gets high marks for its longevity and its balance. It also has a reputation for being able to hang onto clothes for quite a long time. A new classic.

Image by: Tom Ford Beauty

3 – Tom Ford Beauty Grey Vetiver

Tom Ford’s masterpiece exudes a mellow confidence thanks to its mix of citrus, wood and spice. Ford said he made this for the man who is “debonair, charismatic and provocative” – I think he succeeded.

Image by: Brooks Brothers

4 – Brooks Brothers New York Gentleman

This rather serious and pleasant-smelling cologne is elegant and ready for business. New York Gentleman features a woody framing around a hint of iris and citrus. It is also priced to move.

Image by: Yves Saint Laurent

5 – Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche

This scent with a classic feel has been categorized as being “very mature” and “timeless” by fans and we couldn’t agree more. You’ll rightly detect cloves, patchouli and rosemary in this winning work-safe fragrance from YSL.