Russell Simmons Shares His One Shocking Secret to Achieving Success In Business & Life

By Jack Day

It’s not every day that you get advice from such an accomplished business mogul like Russell Simmons, unless you’re as lucky as we are. Recently we caught up with our friend and business/life mentor to chat a little bit about some of the most important concepts for men to understand when it comes to achieving success in today’s world.

His answers were shocking! In a good way of course.  They’re ideas that speak to the core of all men and help to awaken that inner desire to want more out of life and to build something worth a damn.  Personally, anytime Simmons is willing to share a thought on anything I’m all ears.

That’s why during our chat we also asked about his men’s clothing line ArgyleCulture and what inspired the style.  His explanation is amazing because it goes to show just how intuitive and smart of a business man Simmons is, as well as how much of an artist he is, forever defining a culture for men to identify with.

Then We Dug a Little Deeper

We wanted to know how Simmons was able to find success on so many different levels throughout his life.  We know it took crazy amounts of hard work, but more specifically we wanted to know the details about what helped him. So we asked!

What’s the biggest obstacle men face when trying to become successful entrepreneurs and how can they overcome that? I knew right away when I heard the answer that he is absolutely right.

What is the right way as a man to achieve balance between the immense efforts of running a business and the other needs we all have as men, like going out and actually enjoying some of the good life?  The answer Simmons gives is so simple its genius, you just have to do it everyday. EVERY. DAY. Got that?

Once you have established yourself, your business is stabilized and making money, the next step is to grow it bigger and better.  But what’s the secret there?  Simmons shares the single most important thing you need to make sure you have around you in order to make that happen.

And finally, what 3 things stick out the most when defining what helps make a man successful? You can tell how close Simmons keeps these ideas to heart by the way he repeats them as if part of his own daily routine.

Check out the whole interview and let us know what you think in the comments!