Now This Is How You Watch a Movie! 8 Great Cinemas You Have to See!

By Richard K. Noots

And I thought the theaters in my city were cool! It turns out, many other places in the world do movie watching either better, or in at least a much more interesting way. A couple here are from the US, but the rest is from all over. Just try to keep these places in mind in case you ever travel, or have a hankering to watch movies around the world.

Stairway Cinema!
1 stair way cinema

Catch a flick on your way to work!
2 stair way cinema

Frank Gehry?
3 infoversum theatrre

Just relax and enjoy …
4 inverseee

This bad boy is in Dresden.
dresden germany

Hot Tub Cinema admittedly makes for a better movie.
hot tub cinema

Do you think they do it?
olympic music hall. think they dooooititiitit

Kosovo is coming up as well.
riverbad cinema kosovo

Thai Cinema!
thailand cinema

Winter Gardens Theater
winter gardens theater