10 Homeless People With Stories That Will Shock You

By Richard K. Noots

When you look at people who are homeless, we tend to think different things or attribute different aspects to each individual based on arbitrary reasons. What we tend to forget about, is that we are looking at people. Any person can become homeless, at any time. Each one of these people is someone who has a relationship to someone else. Someone you could know. How can we help our would-be friends?

Giving up anything is difficult …
1 give up kids

Or acquiring things you may not have wanted.
2 stage two can

Sometimes we have to let dreams die for awhile …
3 figure skater

Due to things out of our control.
4 born deaf

Whether we recover or not …
5 recovering from open heart

We can’t let go of what keeps us unique.
6 i am computor geek

We must remember our dreams.
7 i was going to go for biology

Despite what may hold us back.
8 huntingtons

Persist onward.
9 what really happens to foot ball players

10 modeling