Losing 270lbs Is an Achievement, Showing His Body Afterwards Is Bravery

By Anne Cacherell

Meet Matt Diaz, an advocate for body positivity.  He lost 270 pounds for the last 6 years but he has never shown how his body looks like after reducing a lot of weight.  His video earned an overwhelming support from the netizens after he revealed to the world how the whole experience changed him into a new person.

This is not to say, however, that all bodies are beautiful and that you should take pride in your body no matter what.  It is not as simple and as literal as that.  To be an advocate for body positivity requires courage to face your insecurities.  It is about being kind to your body and doing whatever it takes to stay healthy.  It is learning to recognize and accept your flaws.  Furthermore, you need to understand how certain institutions oppress and shame other people by setting and controlling beauty standards, fight stereotyping and inspire others to do the same.

What is your definition of a beautiful body? How can you be an advocate for body positivity in your own unique way? Tell us what’s on your mind.