These 8 Fantastic Photos Are Eligible to Win The World Photography Organization

The World Photography Organization holds a competition every year to pick the world’s best photo. Granted, this is a subjective contest, but there is no denying that the finalists must have some really good photos. Over hundreds of thousands of photos were sent in, and we’ve got eight of the main ones that have the biggest chance of winning. So, which is your favorite? Maybe this will inspire you to enter next year. I know I might!

Exuberance, by Christine Kapuchinsky
exuberance by christine kapuchinsky

Frog Story, by Harfan Herdi
Frog story by harfan herdi

Headless, by Adrian Jaszczak
headless by adrian jaszczak

Old Shepherd, by Saeed Barikani
old shepherd by Saeed Barikani

On the Tundra, by Simon Morris
on thwe tundra simon morris

Pray, by Muhammad Berkati
pray by muhammad berkati

Sweat and Blood, by Marcin Kloce
sweat and blood by marcin kloce

Underwater Grace, by Jonathan Yeap Chin Tiong
underwater grace by jonathan yeap chin tiong