Life is Always a Battle, Where Do Your Choices Lie?

By Richard K. Noots

Since our days in caves, our brains have always divided things up into conflict. Can this thing eat me or not? Can I eat it? To mate or not to mate? So on and so forth. The guys at Zomato have done just that, dividing normal dinner things into a battle of choosing sides. Things like ketchup, crusts and drinks are now deal breakers! So … Which side are you on?

Can you eat a lot? Or just a bit?

How do you like your Hershey’s?


Not eating crusts would be wasteful!

Ketchup inspires much drama.

Good Vs. More Good

Price. It’s always price.

This could also be “Single or Not Single.”

Wake up or feel fancy?

What kind of drama do you experience everyday?


  1. Scott says:

    The Hershey bar graphic cracked me up. It drives me crazy if I try to just bite in instead of eating it with the squares carefully broken off.

  2. TimJF09 says:

    This post was halarious, but it is all very true. It amazed me how I clearly fell into one or the other of each of these graphics. I did not realize how predictable I am.

  3. RodneyTT01 says:

    For me it depends on my mood. I think sometimes I will eat it by the square and other times I will recklessly plow into it without a thought one way or the other.

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