When Your Pants Get Tight, Do These 4 Things Instead of Hitting the Mall for New Jeans

running guy
Image by: Fort Sam Houston
By George Lamb

The jeans are tight, and your financial status probably is too. So why not save a few extra bucks and invest your time not into making trips to your local mall, but focusing your energy into sculpting your body just enough to slip into those denim Levi’s.

Yea it sounds easier said than done—and work, school or a stressful relationship has probably got you feeling exasperated about the whole workout idea.  If you give it a shot, you may find yourself pleasantly surprised with the results not only in your pocket, but also in your wallet. So to ensure you avoid wasting time, energy, and money shopping at your local mall every couple of months for new jeans, here are a few ways in which you can burn the weight without spending money.

#1) Go Jogging

Losing weight can be as easy as throwing on a pair of thigh length running shorts, stepping out into the freezing cold of impending winter, and making a few laps around your neighborhood park. It sounds intimidating and extremely inconvenient, but after a week or two of upholding this demanding routine, you will notice the excess weight will fall like the seasoned skin of a snake.

Jogging is effective for getting rid of weight and extra calories because it is among the most effective endurance exercises, being utilized by the likes of athletes, runners and cardio enthusiasts to keep weight down and endurance ski high. Why do you think marathon runners and pro fighters have little to no body fat? Because they get rid of it all during roadwork or on the treadmill!

The best part about this type of exercise is not only its effectiveness when losing weight, but the fact that it has an endorphin releasing effect that will leave you feeling happier, more energetic and a lot healthier as you stroll throughout your day.

#2) Play a Sport

Sports like basketball, football and soccer require a great deal of cardiac exertion, which can go a long way with slimming you down and trimming you up. It may seem as though the activities you performed in in high school gym class are now nothing more than an outlying memory that reminds you of your troubled teen years, but what many adults fail to realize is the fact that the opportunity to play still exists in places like neighborhood rec centers, parks, your gym and even your backyard.

So grab a couple friends—or even your kids if you have any—and host a few 3 on 3’s out the week at a designated spot in the area. And if you’re having trouble finding people to engage in a little healthy competition with, often times major gyms chains have racquet and basketball courts that members have the pleasure of utilizing at their leisure.

#3) Watch the Diet

One of the biggest reasons why people put on unnecessary weight lies in the refrigerator. Are you spending your meal times eating nothing but frozen dinners, empty calories and junk food? If so, then that may be the reason you’re having trouble wriggling into your jeans.

Try swapping out the T.V. dinners with fresh, protein rich meats like fish, beef and chicken—preferably complimented with complex carbohydrates like whole grain rice or beans. After making the swap, you will likely notice yourself feeling a lot less sluggish throughout the day, and a lot more focused, as the salts and preservatives that linger in canned and frozen food will be eliminated by the fresher healthier options, keeping your metabolism from crying out in pain, and in turn working more quickly and efficiently.

#4) Invest

That 49$ pair of pants (that are a size or two bigger than what you’re now accustomed to) you’ve been looking at online may seem like a tantalizing purchase, but before you go ahead and fork out your hard earned cash for a bigger pair of jeans, consider a few other options such as: Investing in a gym membership, which can cost as low as 9$ a month at places like Planet Fitness or other smaller gyms; a weight vest and resistance bands, which you can use in the comfort of your own home or backyard; or perhaps even your own set of dumbbells to replace the spider webs and dust bunnies in the cellar.

All these are potential long term investments which can prove to be much better purchases than buying a new pair of jeans after every 10 pounds of growth.