It’s Time For You to Steer the Driving Forces that Will Take You to Your Dreams

Image by: Unsplash
By Ronnie Toofan

“Who do you wake up for?” The first time I ever encountered this question was in 2010 when a big coffee company released a great commercial using this tagline.

I just turned 30 that time and I was having trouble figuring out my life’s direction.

I had a job that I didn’t really like plus I had control freak boss that made me more miserable. I wanted to put up my own business but I felt incapable of fulfilling my dreams due to financial constraints.

Waking up every day with a purpose gives you a good reason not to give up and not to slow down.

Every single waking morning was a struggle for me especially when the weather was a little chilly and drizzly. I had to exert all my energies just to open my eyes, leave my warm bed and drag myself to the shower.

One weekend, while I was having breakfast, the advertisement played. The theme ingrained in it hit me really hard that I had to put my coffee down and just shook my head.

The question was so powerful that it actually occupied my mind the whole day. It made me think what drives me to get up every day and what do I have to look forward to.

And then all of a sudden, it was like a Eureka moment. I realized that my answer was just right there all along – myself, my aspirations and my family.

Our motivating force drives us to go beyond what we do. It gives us a reason to transcend and challenge ourselves to become the best versions of ourselves.

So, the following Monday, I was revived. I had a different kind of energy that I never felt before and it inspired me to face the day positively.

Whenever I had to deal with my toxic boss and feel lazy to go to the office, I just had to remind myself all the time that I came to work to build my dreams and to give my family a better life, no more, no less.

Two years later, I was able to save enough to start my business and I was able to help my parents finish our house.

I could say that I am in a better position now because of that simple question that I ask myself every day before I get up from my bed.

There are two types of driving forces in life, one that is temporary and one that is long-term.

The first kind is running away from something or escaping a problem instead of confronting it. For example, you just to choose resign from work every time your job makes you uncomfortable. Basically, the problem is still there so it just keeps on coming back; and just keeps on chasing you until you get tired of running away from it.

The second kind, however, is the one that guarantees long-lasting success and happiness. This positive driving force is something that is sustainable. It gets us going and encourages us to establish our real purpose in life.

Today, I would like to focus on the latter kind and to guide you on how to get the most of out it.

Set your goals with love.

Focus on what you need to be happy, feel satisfied and to be truly connected to your partner.

Rob Weiss’ piece in MindBodyGreen talks about the importance of emotional connection and other elements that allows your relationship to grow such as making your woman feel desirable and satisfying their needs.

Don’t let your relationship fall apart because of neglect. Always make your partner feel valued and loved.

Define your visions and give your full commitment in doing it.

Think of the specific things that you need to do to make things happen and hold yourself accountable for it.

For instance, in order to make a good hiring decision, you must first be able to ask the right questions that will set the groundwork for better working relationships.

Matt Keener’s piece titled “7 Questions to Ask Freelancers Before You Send Them to Work” should be helpful.

Assess your progress and evaluate your performance on a regular basis.

Examine your developments, figure out what areas you’re doing good, and what’s not going so well; and change your approach when necessary. This process is perfect especially for your fitness goals.

When you feel more stressed after going to the gym, you’re probably pushing yourself to the limit. Try changing your approach by doing mini-sets or cluster training.

Break down your goal into little steps and stages.

This is a simple strategy that will keep you more at ease and driven in achieving your dreams. Sometimes, things can get overwhelming especially when our goal seems too huge.

So, to avoid sabotaging your plans and stay in focus, be easy on yourself by doing these activities that will boost your self-esteem and will give you a productive purpose.

Guys, I understand that it’s not every day that you feel like getting up in the morning. However, knowing your purpose or the reason why you have to face the day should be enough to stir and drive you to get excited in moving a little step closer to your dreams.