How To Play To Your Customer’s Senses

Image by: Jeff Hitchcock
By Michael Sterling

It is an unknown strategy among beginning advertisers that human senses will always decide how we feel towards a product when we see a commercial, an advertisement board or a website. Think about it: when you go into a store, why do you think they’re always playing music in the background? It’s to get you into a certain mood.

These strategies will make a customer feel whatever however you want them to, even convince them to buy your product. Seeing, Touching, Feeling, Hearing, and Smelling are all great senses – but what about internet marketing? There’s a plethora of methods that are proven to work and now you need to put them in your business agenda.

As a business man that relies on the visual presentation of your company, it is important to factor in sense strategies. This is, after all, how you make the sale. The creative venture you must undertake in an effort to win over your client’s loyalty is less intuitive, but more intellectual. There’s a science to grasping one’s attention.

Meet The Product With The Sense Strategy

When considering your relationship with your customers, you must first consider your relationship with the product. People are always on their computers nowadays, and they can research something within a matter of seconds, even if it doesn’t mean that much to them. We have become an encyclopedia of knowledge because of the ease of Google searching.

Decide the message you want to send to your customers. Depending on how you want to sell yourself will depend on your method moving forward.

Color Psychology

Consider Color Psychology¬†when creating your online strategy. Depending on what your business is, you can trick people’s brains into thinking that you are strong, confident, clean, or hungry. Think about how you mix them too.

For example, the color red by itself can trigger strength and vitality. However, when mixed with orange, it might make you feel hungry, which is why most fast food restaurants use a mix of Red, Orange and Yellow. Figure out how you want to come across and research color schemes that will best benefit the goal of your business.

Visual & Audio

Did you know that we get our sense of movement and balance from our hearing? It’s called our Vestibular Sense. By knowing this fact, we can bend the rules of how one can look at our videos and sound bytes. Sound engineers use this as a tool – we see it all the time in movies. When a blast is heard in the rear back speaker, we get caught off balance and it scares us.

Here’s a tip: use this discovery to lure customers towards you. Make the audio directly in front as to get their balance towards the screen.

Visual tricks can make customers attracted to your page. Think about where you put the images – are they on the left? right? Are they too cluttered in the corner? How does the color scheme play out? According to, all these details bring about the most sales and traffic.

Here’s my personal trick: Open your company’s page. Pull your eyes on either side towards the back of your head to blur your vision – not too blurry, but just enough for the words to be unreadable. What do the colors and shapes tell your senses? This is what your customers’ brains are registering beneath the descriptive language and icons.

Test It Out

There are beneficial online tools you can use to test out what exactly your customers are doing while browsing your site. They give you charts that display when and where your customers click and at what point they click the “back” button. With this kind of information, you can either rework or boost your strategy. and are great tools to have when growing your internet marketing success. Both will give you stats on your customer’s relationship to every page. Not only that, but they will even give advice on what you should do next.

You can’t do this on your own. As much as you think you’re psychic, you’re just not – at least when it comes to internet market. It is crucial to get tools like these when making decisions. By using the knowledge you have with the senses, you will then be able to move forward with creating the best advertisements you can possibly have.