4 Yoga Poses That Make Sex More Satisfying

Image by: Oleg Klementiev
By Will Rand

Need a few more reasons to hit the yoga mat? In addition to improving your breathing, endurance, flexibility, and strength, yoga can make sex more satisfying. Yoga already improves areas like flexibility, calmness and pelvic strength which would improve sex, but also lowers stress and anxiety levels, making you in the mood to have sex more often. Here are five extraordinary poses for you to make it happen:

#1) Shoulder Stand

The shoulder stand improves blood circulation in the lower body because blood has an upward climb upon returning to the heart. With the shoulder stand your beating the effects of gravity. It relieves fatigue, calms the mind, and helps digestive problems and could work to even lessen the effects of anxiety and depression, which all around helps create a more positive atmosphere for your sex life.

Image by: Neeta Lind

#2) Bound Angle

The bound angle pose stretches and opens up your hips. Having relaxed and flexible hips are vital for both men and women. Flexible hips will help your athletic performance and help you be stronger and more versatile when you lead in the bedroom, showing that you know a variety of sex poses and that you’re flexible enough to hold them which will build some excitement in the bedroom. She might even become addicted to you.

Image by: Nicholas A. Tonelli

#3) Plank

The plank, which you might already do at the gym, is like the top of a push up except your at rest, and you can be propped up by your elbows or your hands. It’s a pose that considerably tones your abs, and improves your upper body shape simultaneously. Its a confidence-boosting strength pose that will help with a six pack. You’ll turn her on quicker than a one legged man in an ass kicking contest after she places her hand on your solid abdominals.

Image by: Official US Navy Page

#4) Bridge

The bridge works your hip flexors and strengthens your lower back, essentially the muscle groups of your body that you use when you’re thrusting during sex. Holding a bridge pose is also similar to doing a Kegel which works the same pelvic muscles. This bridge greatly improves posture, by bending and stretching your back and front side the opposite directions to help return to its natural curvature.

Image by: Adrian Valenzuela