It’s Never Too Late to Learn How to Make Positive Differences In Your Life You Can Sustain For Years to Come

Image by: Unsplash
By Anthony Juan

There are several kinds of people in this world. There are those, who complain a lot and seem to hate everything that’s going on in their lives; there’s also this group who doesn’t care much about anything and who doesn’t want to get involved with the things that are happening around them, and there’s the type of people who find time to make a difference and create a positive change on this planet.

Oh how this topic reminds me so much of the politics in my home country. As you all know, the Philippines is always being mentioned in the international news because of its very serious war against crime and illegal drugs.

Though I’ve been living overseas for almost 3 years now, I’ve made it a point to always keep myself updated with what’s going on there through social media. However, sometimes I have second thoughts about checking my news feed because I don’t like most of the things I see.

It makes me sad to watch certain senators ranting about “alleged” extrajudicial killings, without really doing anything on their end to help out in making the nation drug-free. But again, this is just my opinion. I don’t mind them being there for some much needed checks and balances in the government, but at least they should also show the people that they’re also doing something to contribute to the nation’s progress and that they’’re not just there to ruin the image of our country and satisfy their selfish motives.

Famous American writer and political activist Eldridge Cleaver once said, “You either have to be a part of the solution, or you’re going to be part of the problem.” There’s nothing in between. Also, there’s no excuse in not doing your part in making this world a better place. Even if you’re not in power, you’re not privileged or you have limited capacities, it is still possible for you to help shape the world and create change in constructive ways.

Here are some of the important things that you should do make a positive difference and be an inspiration to others.

Invest Time on People & Things that Gives You Meaning & Purpose

Dedicate yourself to people who inspire you and pursue things that uplift your soul and allow you to discover your meaning and purpose in life. When you surround yourself with positive influences, you will stay driven, focused and committed, which also enables you to have a good impact on others.

In life there is the existence of a rippling outward effect. For example, when you show love, respect, and trust in your relationship, you are also encouraging your partner to grow as an individual. And when you create a good life together, you are in a way inspiring other couples to do the same.

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Take Your Responsibilities Seriously

Another way to be more involved with the world is to perform your responsibilities with grace, compassion and care to the various roles you play in your life – as an individual, child, friend, lover, worker and a citizen.

Managing your obligations well brings you happiness and satisfaction. However, doing the opposite can hurt and destroy you.

I remember a point in my life when I suffered significant financial hardship. I had loans here and there and I didn’t have any savings in my bank account. Until one day, a concerned friend of mine helped me out in learning how to solve my issues and made me realize that I needed to make serious changes with my lifestyle.

The whole experience taught me to become more responsible. I started making better and wiser financial decisions. I developed a positive financial mindset that began to allow me to live in the present while being aware of the future.

Commit to Realistic & Constructive Self-Improvement

Guys, let me clarify this one. I am not suggesting that you obsess yourself with constant striving for self-development to the point of wasting your time, damaging yourself, ruining your life and risking your sense of self-acceptance.

As a human being, you are designed to continually evolve and develop. So I guess what I’m trying to say is that you should never stop pursuing personal growth and trying to be the best that you can be. Also, you should try to understand that change is an endless process and that it can never be completed.

So, start by making some incremental changes or even by conquering your own self when you feel boredom and frustration in making progress.

For instance, if you’re into muscle building and suddenly find yourself skipping workouts and losing your enthusiasm to attend your gym sessions, don’t just easily give up on your commitment. Instead, use these muscle growth plateau busting tips to keep yourself going and motivated.

Believe that Great Changes Can Start With You

Any kind of act, no matter how small, can have a lasting impact. You may just be one person but if you can inspire, motivate and encourage others by your actions, then you are being of service to the world.

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Guys, we can’t always be spectators. So, let’s all do our share and play our part for the betterment of humanity.