How to Be Unforgettable & Be a Man of High Value in Her Eyes

Image by: AlexVan
By Alvin Martin

My friend Damian has a good-looking face, a nice body and a good job. He’s never had problems getting a “YES” from a woman on their first date. However, he’s always had troubles negotiating a second one.

It shouldn’t be hard to ask a girl out again if the first date went well. But I think, in Damian’s case, he was doing something wrong. To find out about it, I interviewed his most recent date, who happened to be my one of my closest cousins.

She told me that something was really off with him. He was respectful, but he had a certain way of making her feel uncomfortable. One example she gave me was when he was talking about his achievements in life.

Although Damian wasn’t really bragging about himself, my cousin said that he failed to present it with humility either. She had a hard time describing it to me but according to her, it was like any person who would listen to him talk would feel bad about themselves.

Anyway, Damian is in his late 30s and all I’ve wanted is for him to find his true love so that he can finally graduate from his lonely and meaningless (as he describes it) bachelor life.

I am no expert on love, but I know some things to consider in attracting a woman, getting more dates and becoming a man of high value in her eyes.

Make her feel important by making time for her consistently.

In the dating scene nowadays, it is very unfortunate how some men are so self-centered that they don’t pay attention to how women feel anymore. They only date for their own convenience and satisfaction.

Whether the woman allows it or not, you still don’t have the RIGHT to disrespect her and take advantage of her. No matter what!

In my opinion, there’s nothing wrong in challenging a woman, meaning you make her feel like you’re a good catch, that you have a high market value, or you’re a prize to be won.

Women love a challenge. However, do not oversell yourself and do not make any foul plays just to string her along.

In the piece “This is the New Dating Trend That’s Even More Passive Than Ghosting,” writer Erica Gordon introduces this extremely common misdemeanor in the dating world known as “benching.”

It happens when you’re not entirely into her but you just want to save her for a rainy day, so you just talk to her enough to keep her on the hook.

Guys, a true gentleman always takes other people’s feelings into consideration. So stop playing, stop using women and take your relationships seriously.

Be aware that there is an inverse relationship between being attractive and being boring.

Women, particularly the smarter ones, are naturally attracted to intelligence. They like it when you can challenge them intellectually or when you can teach them something new, unique and interesting.

To be more fascinating, you should try to be more experimental and adventurous. Try doing things that are out of the ordinary.

And speaking of deviating from the usual, there is a genius ab exercise that many gymnasts use but everyone else ignores – it is called the hollow-body hold.

It’s a simple exercise that involves bracing your abdominals and creating total body tension. So do something different and unique by giving this move a try today.

Work on establishing and maintaining a connection with your true and authentic self.

Aside from knowing what makes you happy, you should also become more aware of your thoughts, how your mind works and how you behave in general so that you can achieve internal harmony and be able to align yourself with your standards to be able to do the things that you love.

If you’re an introvert, for instance, you don’t need to feel sorry for yourself and be embarrassed by it, for you are powerful in your own right.

And for you to excel as an entrepreneur while still doing the things that you are comfortable with, or activities that you enjoy, check this out – “12 Low-Cost Business Ideas for Introverts.”

Be a man with a plan.

A man who knows exactly what he’s doing, where he’s heading and how to get what he wants in life is a major turn on to women. Also, with careful planning, you can clarify your priorities, maintain balance in your life and improve your chances of ending up at a destination you choose.

And guys, even if you’ve made a lot of mistakes in the past, it’s never too late to get started.

To guide you in switching into full gear on your new direction, Marc Angelo Coppola shares 5 steps to start over again and create new opportunities.

Hopefully, these tips provide you with a solid foundation about the basic principles of attraction, help you proceed with caution in dating and increase your hotness level and market value.