How Jewel Encrusted Skeletons Will Inspire You to Accomplish Your Aspirations

By Jack Day

When art historian Dr. Paul Koudounaris began a journey to document the lesser known practice of encrusting the bones of the dead with priceless jewels, he knew it was important. Important because previously it was thought that only the Egyptians practiced this form of ritual with their dead. During the Medieval Age when the skeletons were unearthed from Roman catacombs, Christians of the time believed they were martyrs and so wanted them to look good in the afterlife. As one of the only people ever to photograph these relics, it was a life long passion of Koudounaris’ to bring these “pieces of art” into the spotlight. One man, one journey, one mission complete, all for your viewing enjoyment.

St. Valerius in Weyarn, Germany

St. Benedictus originally received by the church of St. Michael in Munich, Germany

St. Friedrich at the Benedictine abbey in Melk, Austria

St. Albertus’s remains from the Roman Catacombs

Cool or creepy? What is your take on these amazing finds? How far would you go to achieve your dreams, no matter how obscure they may seem?