Leading the Pack? 5 Ways to Stay Cool, Calm, & Collected as the Boss of Your Company

Image by: Steve Jervetson
By Giovanni Fields

Congratulations, you’re the boss! But before you proceed with your spontaneous celebration ask yourself just one question–are you the best boss you can be? A good boss doesn’t necessarily mean a guy who can bark out orders and berate employees without losing an ounce of sleep at night; he can just as well be a humble person who is cool, calm, and collected in his environment.

Cracking under pressure is something that can lead to the downfall of an entire organization, so it’s important to always consider brushing up on your stoicism while assuming the throne at your workplace.

Being a boss is no easy task, and often times you will find the stress of being the guy in charge to be vastly overwhelming. The loss you will will face as a result of miscalculated risks, having to deal with finding and keeping the right colleagues, and setting an entire organization against an array of competitors are all rather disconcerting to deal with. But a blow would be a lot softer to a boss who manages to sport a cool, unperturbed facade who approaches his obligations in a coherent manner.

Here are 5 ways in which you can polish your leadership abilities and become a better boss for your company.

#1) Visualize

Visualizing what you’re going to do before you do it is essential to increasing the success rate of any risk or decision a boss makes. Imagining what the benefits of your actions are will be not only keeps you and your workplace motivated enough to strive for the results, but will also allow you to conjure up any potential backup plans that would be necessary to maintaining the integrity of the company. Athletes do it, writers do it, so shouldn’t bosses?

Mentally rehearsing your action before you take the step forward is also a great way to instill self assurance. This is a key trait for any boss to have. You literally want to get to the point where you’re almost delusional about your decision, forcing yourself to believe whatever you’re aspiring to will come to life.

And once you get to the point where you know whatever plan you concocted will work, that’s when you proceed to take decisive action–which brings me to my next word of advice:

#2) Decisive Action

Once you visualize your plan that’s when you begin the process of forging ahead decisively, following through with every detail that you thought about over and over again. Decisiveness is important to a boss because, the way you go about execution will greatly dictate the outcome of the action.

Why do you think police, firefighters and athletes train relentlessly to condition themselves for immediate responses? That’s because no matter what obstacles get in their way, it is their job to follow through with their duties undeterred in order to catch the criminal or make the touchdown.

And in order to reach the goals you set for your organization, it is important that you be prepared ahead of time for doubts, inconsistencies, or miscalculations that may come about and handle them appropriately, courteous of your obsessive envisioning. Asking yourself questions ahead of time and providing yourself with answers will go a long way with ensuring your outcome pans out the way it should.

And if things just happened to fail miserably, then hey, you’ll live to fight another day.

#3) Learn from Failure

Failure is an essential part of growth for any organization. The road isn’t always going to be neatly paved and there will be times where decisions and risk may backfire and result in significant losses for your organization.  A boss who is capable of taking the negative experience, dissecting and analyzing it, and reconstructing it into a detailed formula to be used for any future endeavors is one that certainly has the capabilities of meeting success.

Like with any sport, goal or mission in life, nothing comes easily and often times in order to make it far enough to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  You’re going to–especially as a boss–have to be able to maintain a reasonable level of composure that will allow you to not harp on the past and focus on pushing ahead. After conditioning yourself to brandish a stoic expression in the face of adversity, you will be simultaneously eliminating doubt and giving your employees a sense that everything us under control.

#4) Subdue Your Emotions

No matter how successful of a boss one is, they all (barring psychopaths) have a certain level of emotional influence when making decisions in the workplace. Some tend to ignore this fact and proceed to make decisions and execute even with their emotions ablaze, but most successful bosses learned the hard way that acting on these impulses can result in losses of employees, funds or opportunity.

No matter what happens, whether it be an attack at your brand from a local competitor or a quarrel with your senior manager, the first step to being a good boss is to always see the situation objectively and come to a rational solution that will benefit the organization.

It may piss you off that the laundry mat across the street advertised the fact that your dryers don’t tumble as good as theirs.  You may even have temptations to return a similar accusation, but before you act on anything, always give yourself a cooling off period to come to a viable conclusion that doesn’t result in negative attention toward your business.

#5) Stay Positive

Staying positive is key to the success of any boss keeping his title as boss. As the person in charge, it is the bosses duty to exude positive behavior in and around his workplace to keep his colleagues, employees and customers happy and proud to be a part of the corporation. Confidence, determination, and even smiles will rub off on your colleagues if they see you exhibiting a positive aura consistently.

This will result in better production in the workplace, in the sense that your underlings will better enjoy working for you. And of course, better production in the workplace equates to more cash in your pocket. So before you decide to clock in today, turn that frown upside down and show everybody how much of a boss you are.

Being a boss is tough, a real daily grind. But with the job comes charisma, leadership and  better quality of life. Tell below us what struggles you had to go through in order to prosper as the guy in charge.