How Instagram Can Strengthen Your Marketing Strategy

Image by: withgalen
By Michael Sterling

The mindset of the customer is changing, and as a business owner, it is crucial to reach the customers where they’re at – and right now, they’re on Instagram. What was just marketed to be a photo-sharing social website has now become an innovative way for companies to interact with their clients.

With over 100 million active users, you can build yourself a whole new way of advertising your brand. By staying involved with Instagram, not only will you have a better chance at widespread advertisement, but you can lessen the gap between you and your customers.

Instagram can be a company owner’s best friend. It’s free, it’s compatible and it reaches anyone you want to reach. With just a couple clicks, they will always be the first to know about the latest company news. The possibilities are endless.

The Power of Exclusivity

People want to feel important. When you have your company has an Instagram profile, you are no longer a public domain. Instead, only your friends are able to see what you post and advertise, giving the customer an illusion of exclusivity. Use this to your advantage. Make others want to be included in the party.

Be the company that gets talked about and “shared” by others. Be as interactive as possible. With so many ways of incorporating your business to the masses, there is virtually no way to fail.

Think of it is as a platform. Forget the news outlets – use Instagram to announce the latest specials, discounts and inventions associated with your services. This can also be a great way to incorporate business partnerships.

Pay special attention to the image or video you post. Make it pleasing to the eye and you will give yourself more opportunities for wider photo sharing potential.

Involve The Followers

Here’s a tip: by getting your followers involved, i.e. having them take pictures of themselves with your product or give incentives to those who tag you, you can then repost their pictures. This allows other customers to connect with their experiences.

One of the secret rules that most company owners fail to understand is that customers relate more to customers, not company employees. Widen the sharing experience and tug at their heart strings. There are countless ways of getting this point across.

The greatest thing about Instagram is that it’s fun and more often than not, users will want to be involved in any photo contest even if there’s no real prize. The exclusiveness of getting their photo shared by a major company is enough for them. Red Bull delivered a great campaign towards this idea, bringing more followers to their page.

Expand Interest

Many companies have found success by posting interesting facts related to their field, along with a picture. This tactic opens up the conversation to followers and gives them a chance at creating dialogue. This alone can be a great tool to understand what your customers are thinking.

Since Instagram is over 60% women, it is best to have non-gender specific material. Depending on your business, special interest can be a niche you can have – but use it wisely.

Create Hype

Loyal consumers love to see what goes on behind the scenes. By offering a glimpse into how your company is run, it can strengthen their loyalty. Many people love to go on Instagram when they’ve finished their work and are bored at their desk. Give them something interesting to read. Surprise them.

In this case, candid is always better. As of last month, Instagram is now publishing videos up to 15 seconds long. Why not create a bit of hype? Loyal customers especially will always be intrigued in whatever is coming next. It makes them excited and keeps them on their toes. Give them a sneak peek of your plans, but don’t let the cat out of the bag just yet.