How a Group of Roving Roy Orbison Wanna Be’s Can Teach You About Chivalry

By Jack Day

Ever tried singing to a woman on the street? Without her calling the police or running away in terror? Maybe your approach needed some work, and six other dudes who could actually sing. When these friends decided to “prank” girls on their college campus it was in the classiest way possible. Instead of a pie in the face or something stupid like that, they decided to perform sidewalk serenades for all the pretty ladies. It might seem cheesy, and it is, but these guys deserve some credit for creativity and extra points for making the girls feel special. It’s nice to see that chivalry still exists, especially on a college campus.

Do you have any creative ways of showing your appreciation for the opposite sex? What’s the craziest thing you’ve done to win the affection from a female? Maybe we can all learn something!