Has War Been Declared? 5 Ways to Deal with Advertising Attacks from Competitors Tastefully & Effectively

Image by: Alex Sauceda
By George Lamb

Attack at the flank! Ready all defense missiles and prepare to attack!

Well, you might not have to take it that far if your brand was attacked by a raving competitor, in fact, you should be flattered to say the least. If another reputable company has put the time energy and effort into attacking your brand, that means that they feel somewhat threatened by your presence.

This shouldn’t be too much of a cause for concern, as they are probably garnering you even more attention by putting you down. But it is still a tasteless act nevertheless, and should be handled in a manner that is effective and decisive.

Wouldn’t want anybody bad mouthing your children would you? Well the same principal should apply to your company, which is essentially the same thing as a child. You thought it up, nursed it to life and are now seeing it thrive. And once it gets to the point where those fierce competitors start to play dirty by casually downing your brand in ads and commercials, then it’s your duty as parent of the organization to quell any negative lights aimed at your baby. Here are a few ways in which you can do so…

#1) Counterattack

When a company attacks everything you’ve spent your life and savings investing in, the initial reaction will probably shock, rage and disappointment. It is important to not launch your counter attack until all these emotions have had time to expend it’s self. Give yourself a cooling off period in between the time you were attacked and the designated time you would plan to launch the attack to allow your mind to make a rational, coherent decision that won’t result in any negative attention toward your business.

The worst thing you can probably do in this situation is to respond with a rage attack that will lower the integrity of your business.

Do you think Coke gives a crap when and if RC goes on about how many less sugars their product contains than the leading brands? Of course not! And if they did respond with similar accusations then they would only be making themselves smaller by shrinking down to their size. Now, I’m not saying you should all together ignore the squalls of the competition, but rather be aware enough to compose a sensible counterattack that will maintain the pride of your organization.

#2) Expand your Market

By expanding your market and adding additional value to your current achievements you will not only defending against attacks from local competitors, but you’ll also be growing and improving your business while adding additional possibilities outside your current market. I know, it’s easier said than done to run your local or national business on a regional scale, but if you start off small and aspire to such a feat, then who’s to say your regionally ran business can’t turn into a global force?

#3) Be Close with the Customers

If some neighborhood drunk came up to you telling you about how a guy who just happens to be one of your closest friends was a low life, not worthy of anybody’s time or attention, would you believe him? Probably not. Often times certain accusations or concerns about a person or organization are a result of envy. This may or may not be the case with your daring competitors, but regardless, their intended goal is to decrease your value in the eyes of the customers within your niche market.

Going back to the “friend” analogy above, you probably would not listen to what the neighborhood drunk has to say about your pal because of where the source is coming form. If there’s a new competitor who has just sprung up in your area and they’re already criticize your organization about the lack of something, then as long as you have a closer relationship to your customers than said attacker, often times you have nothing to worry about.

Stay close with your customers by consistently providing them with a quality service or product and it will take a lot more than a cheap ad or infomercial to drive them away.

#4) Be Prepared Ahead of Time

It is important to always have your guard up against impending attacks that come from the direction of competing forces. The attacks won’t always be in plain view, either, as sometimes they may even be invisible or just might slip under the radar–this is why its necessary to construct your bulwark. Creating a cogent, intelligent defense that is immovable will allow you to analyze the competitors behavior patterns and make crucial decisions once those attacks come to surface.

Look at your business as an army, finely tuned to handle unexpected enemy invasions. That way when you find yourself in a bind, you will be more flexible in your response.

 #5) Improve

Sometimes–despite the rage that may be festering up within the receiver–attacks are actually legitimate.Perhaps the competition really does offer better deals and more diverse features than what you have to offer. If this is in fact the case, then they have more than enough ground to take those facts and run with them.

Wile structuring your defense against attacks, it is important that you take the time out to re-evaluate your organization to make sure all levels of the company are innovative and productive. Also, have the strength to acknowledge any imperfections that may lie within your organization compared to the competition. Only my admitting ones faults can they progress, and for your business, that is most certainly the case.

Have enemy forces initiated war against your organization? Don’t worry, it happens all the time. What are some ways you managed to stave off the attacks and proceed undeterred? Share with us below!