Get Ripped With These 3 Hot Workout Apps

Image by: Skimble
By Kurt Garrity

With the technology that is available to us these days, we really have no excuse when we neglect to work out. And thanks to applications for smart phones and tablets, we can now all have trainers in our pockets and bags, wherever we may be making the dodge even more difficult.

Apps have certainly grown by leaps and bounds over the past couple of years – especially in the areas of health and fitness – and these three we have presented here for you are as impressive looking as they are results generating.

Go get ’em tigers.

Workout Trainer

Workout Trainer by Skimble (pictured above) is an application for the Android platform that comes highly recommended by users who swear that if you do what the app says, you will be pushed hard and having the end results to show for it. And that means losing that weight and getting trimmed-up in time for summer.

Workout Trainer is made for those who like to workout without equipment, and features support for CrossFit WOD, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and Tabata. But it can also be your buddy when you are in the gym and on the machines too.

The free version includes thousands of workouts. A worthy upgrade is available, but try the free first.

User Anthony Downes sums it up all quite nicely in his epic review on Google Play, stating eloquently that, “If u r serious about ur workout, u can make this app. work 4 u.”

U don’t say?

Image by: Gym Technik

Gym Technik

This little workhorse of a program already enjoyed success and a “healthy” following as an award-winning fitness app for Blackberry before flexing its muscles across the entire mobile spectrum with its Android/iOS friendly mobile site.

But the Gym Technik mobile site lacks that app feel that many want -no – crave on their smartphones. We hear that there may be more apps coming, but for now the ass-kicking Blackberry app is where all of the action is.

A full-featured workout partner on the Crackberry, Gym Technik offers live online personal trainers, complete stats tracking and streaming videos.

And for you travelers who go to out-of-the-way places, this easy-to-use app has built-in offline capabilities so you can still get it done, even if you can’t get a signal. It even automatically backs up your stats to the Gym Technik site so you don’t, god forbid, lose critical wind sprints data.

Image by: The Active Network

Couch To 5K

Brought to us by the folks at The Active Network, Couch To 5K (or more cutely, “C25K”) is an award-winning fitness app for the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch platform that works really hard at getting your lazy behind exercising.

They practically guarantee your participation in a 5K after how many weeks?

You can stats-track your workouts, feel the burn while listening to audio mantras and get motivated by virtual coaches. And get this – the newest version includes a “zombie trainer” and a “cute poodle running buddy.”

Had me at “zombie” … lost me at “poodle running buddy.”