Generate Sales & Clicks: The Best Time To Send Email Blasts

Image by: RambergMediaImages
By Gordon J. Pruitt

There is a time and place for everything. For email blasts, that time is NOT noon on a workday. In fact, the time of day you release your email is EXTREMELY important, and can significantly impact the success rate of an email blast, especially when it comes to getting those clicks and generating those sales. We like clicks. We love sales.

So what is that magic time of day to release that groundbreaking missive stewing in the computerized recess of your darkened lair? What is the best time of the day to conquer the world? Depends on the type of person you are sending to, actually.

Blast For The Business Person At Work

When trying to reach the business person, the best time of day is between 3PM and 4PM locally, according to a recent study by Get Response as well as those email animals over at Mail Chimp, meaning you should send the email to this person to that time corresponding to what time zone they live in. Fine-tuning your email list with information about the recipient’s time zone can improve email effectiveness by increasing click-through rates and opens by 6%.

Morning emails between 8AM and 9AM are also good – great, in fact – but they are slightly disadvantaged by the clutter of all of the other morning email blasters who are all more than eager to get their message out before lunch. They aren’t patient like you.

The bottom line is, people at work are actually looking for distractions at 3PM and are more willing to go down that rabbit hole, provided, of course, that the product, service, announcement, offer, etc. is strong enough to convince the bunnies to bite.

And, with the best results showing within one hour of sending the email, that makes 3PM the target time to hit business people at work.

The All-Encompassing Blast

This is also up for debate, apparently. When EVERYBODY is getting this thing and you want to know, worldwide, the best time is … 4:30AM CST, or so says super expert Ryan Deiss, anyway.

Every email is like a snowflake, however, and can be subject to all sorts of variables making each unique. The experts suggest sending out emails at various times and monitor the results closely to figure out what works best for your messages.