Email Branding – How to Brand Your Emails For Higher Open Rates and Click Throughs

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By Fabian Tan

Email branding can make or break your email marketing campaign. If you have determined that you are clueless about how to use the proper Email Branding, there some simple things that you can use, to create Email branding in way that will inspire trust, and loyalty in your customers.

When used properly, Email Branding will make your life easier, and bring you more sales. Just brand your emails using the suggested steps, and your message will be successfully ingrained in your potential customers’ psyche.

The first thing that you want to do when you find yourself clueless about how to use Email Branding in your campaign, is to make sure that you understand the importance of using Email Branding to build trust throughout your email marketing campaign. The reason why using Email Branding the right way is key, is because when you are emailing people, and trying to get them to purchase your products, you want them to trust you. One of the best ways to develop trust, in customers that do not know you, is to hang onto someone else’s coat tails, and use their branding.

For example, let’s say that you are marketing a new, all herbal, and all natural hair conditioner. The best thing to do is market your products through a list provided to your from another vendor that has a list of women interested in correcting dry hair issues in children, dry hair issues in themselves, or willing to try any new hair products etc. These women already trust this vendor and are either subscribing to her e-zine, or buying hair products from her. Develop your own email branding, but use it along with hers, and they will be more inclined to trust you as well. If you do not understand the importance of Email Branding in your email marketing campaign, then you could very well run the risk of alienating your customers, or having your campaign emails go unopened.

A simple way to include email co-branding in your campaign is to use both your logo, and the logo of the lady you purchased the list from. In fact, her logo should figure more prominently than your own. You need her juice. It will make the customers more receptive to anything that you want to sell them. Once you have got your product into their homes, and they have used it for several weeks, they will know the value of your brand name. But right now, forcing your name into their minds is of secondary importance. This might not be true with other forms of advertising, but with email marketing, it is the only way you will survive

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